As the situation continues to change daily on The Navajo Nation, one thing that remains constant - and has for decades - is the lack of basic resources needed for everyday life.   As of late November, The Navajo Nation now has over 600 deaths and the infection rate per capita continues to break all time highs.  With a vastly underfunded and sparse health care network, the fight will most likely remain for some time to come.  


Of near 200,000 people, 30% do not have access to regular clean drinking water, and about 40% do not have running water.  This, along  with often crowded living conditions make it nearly impossible to combat a virus that requires frequent hand washing and social distancing.


At around 27,000 square miles, The Navajo Nation is about the size of West Virginia.  With only 13 grocery stores across the reservation, it is also a food and supply desert.   Thus, stay at home orders continue to be difficult to abide by as many need to travel some distance to find what they need.


Of over 55,000 homes across the land, approximately 15,000 still do not have electricity.  Many also lack reliable internet service or have no access at all.  This makes it increasingly difficult to stay in tune with local officials and any protective orders put in place.


Even with recent government funding The Navajo Nation will continue to need help fighting Covid-19 in the months and years to come, and we thank you for any support!